• Schedule

The rounds will be presented by two leading centers (L); they will be broadcasted to all other centers, which participate as satellite centers (S). This functions will change each round (see the respective rounds by following the links in the schedule).

In order to guarantee utmost up-to-dateness of the topics, the detailed programs of the single TEAM round events will be fixed in the short term and announced on this website.

Leading centers
1 27.04.2009 12:10-13:00 Zürich Lugano

– Neue Wunderwaffen gegen HIV: immer wirksam?

– A Clinical Mystery

2 22.06.2009 12:10-13:00 Basel Neuchâtel

– Cross-cultural Problems in HIV Management: HELP !!

– Eine kanine Komplikation

3 24.08.2009 12:10-13:00 Bern Chur

– Dicke Zunge (Kaposi Sarkom)

– Wenig Thrombozyten trotz vielen CD4 Lymphozyten (HIV-assoziierte Thrombopenie)

4 23.11.2009 12:10-13:00 St. Gallen Biel

– Dreierkombination! Und wenn’s eng wird?

– Milz ohne Ende

The rounds will be moderated by PD Dr. med. Philip Tarr.


• Where can I attend a TEAM round event?

Please notice: Not quite all the centers will necessarily participate in every round; for detailed information, please follow the links to the respective rounds in the schedule above.

Location · Contact for registration: Room:
Universitätsspital Zürich
Prof. Dr. med. R. Weber
Kleiner HS OST
Hôpital des Cadolles, Neuchâtel
Prof. Dr. med. R. Malinverni
Ospedale Civico di Lugano
Dr. med. E. Bernasconi
Aula Magna
Kantonsspital Luzern
Dr. med. S. Bertschy
Rapportraum Chirurgie
Spitalzentrum Biel
Dr. med. M. Rothen
Bibliothek Medizin
Universitätsspital Bern
Prof. Dr. med. H. J. Furrer
5/6 S 1BHH
Kantonsspital St. Gallen
Prof. Dr. med. P. Vernazza
Kantonsspital Chur
Dr. med. F. Fleisch
Hörsaal oder Ärztebibliothek,
Haus B, 3. Stock
Kantonsspital Aarau
Dr. med. T. Bregenzer
Haus 3
Kantonsspital Basel
Prof. Dr. med. Manuel Battegay
Hörsaal 4 (Klinikum 1)

Kantonsspital Baden
Dr. med. A. Friedl



Summaries · Case reports · CME credit

See the respective rounds by following the links in the schedule above.



Your suggestions and cases

Please provide us with your ideas how to improve TEAM rounds.
You may also submit a suggestion for a clinical case report.


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